Signs Your Job is Minimum Wage:

1)  The only requirement for getting the job was that you have reliable transportation.

2)  Management conveniently forgets to tell you about the company picnic.

3)  Your lunch usually comes out of the candy vending machine.

4)  The business's annual COFFEE expense is more than your wages.

5)  They're beginning to train DOGS to do your job.

6)  A resumé was not necessary, but a drug test WAS.

7)  Your parking space?  Pick any street.

8)  Benefits?  What benefits?  Who said anything about benefits?

9)  If in the unlikely event that you have an office, you get the oldest furniture in the building.  Often it's older than YOU are.

10) In order to go to the bathroom, you have to have someone fill in for you.

11) Your supervisor laughed behind your back when you showed up on your first day of work wearing a suit and tie.

12) Petty cash issues your paycheck.

13) Yes, you get sick leave. You get sick, you leave, for good!

14) During the interview, your boss remarked that you will gain valuable experience that will be very helpful when you move on.

15) You have the sneaking suspicion that the only reason you got the job was because your application was first on the stack.

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