They are overworked in an office so the boss decides to put an ad in the window for help.

The ad reads 'Help wanted. Must be able to use a typewriter, be computer literate and bilingual.'

After an hour or so a dog walks in and goes to the receptionist, nods at the sign and barks.

'You want to apply for the job?' asks the receptionist. The dog nods his head. The receptionist goes into the bosses office and convinces him he should see the dog.

The boss comes out and says to the dog, 'Can you use a typewriter?'

'Woof', goes the dog and bounds over to the typewriter and knocks out a couple of perfect business letters.

'Okay, but are you computer literate?' asks the boss.

'Woof', goes the dog and goes to the computer and creates a database, imports it it into a spreadsheet and then produces several graphs and charts.

'Wow! Well, I'm pretty impressed.' says the boss,'but are you bilingual?'

The dog looks at him and says 'Meow'.

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