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Hello! My name is Randy Fultz,

...and I am
that "Man Behind the Curtain"...

...the Creator, Designer and One-Man Developer
of the Wizard of Jobs Website.

"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."
- Walt Disney

- About Randy -

       After giving his heart to pastoring youth for six years, Randy Fultz returned to George Fox University to complete his degree in Management of Human Resources.    He worked in the public service sector for over seven years, specializing in Employment Recruitment, Placement, and Special Programs.    Randy is a Public Speaker and Seminar Leader, a Certified Competent Toastmaster, Employment Counselor, Musician and Songwriter, and the designer and owner of this Wizard of Jobs website.

Thousands of hours have been devoted to building the Wizard of Jobs' Website.

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- A Few Words from Randy -

I originally began this project in my spare time back in 2001, to give Job-Seekers easier access to the fast-growing number of Employment and Career Internet Resources.
Since that time, I have been building my dream - the Wizard of Jobs and the Golden Brick Road Web-Portal.

I realize that I could charge for people using this site, but instead I am offering it FREE of charge, simply because I understand what it's like being between jobs, and because I actually do care about other people!

This project has been revamped, rearranged, expanded and revised dozens of times to become what is today - the Wizard of Jobs website and the Golden Brick Road Employment Web Portal.    No doubt it will continue changing as time goes by...

On this Website you will find many new Ideas, Tips and Articles to help you succeed in discovering or continuing your Life's Work.    There are also the best internet link collections in the World, for College, Career and Job Search.    My sincere efforts and prayers are with you.    Keep believing in yourself, keep trying and don't ever give up!

       I hope the Wizard of Jobs will be a wonderfully useful tool and a strong encouragement to you.
       May it greatly assist you in finding true success in your working life, and may it inspire you to follow your own Golden Brick Road!

       Wishing You All the Best,

- Randy Fultz lives in Oregon, USA

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